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Frequently Asked Questions


What months are Gable Hill available to schedule events?


The barn is open between the months of May and October.  For the comfort of our guests, we do not host events during the winter months at this time. 



What is the cost to rent at Gable Hill?


Through 2023, rental fees can range between $1,000 and $7,500. See our pricing for more detailed information.



Can we seat additional guests?


Gable Hill provides tables & chairs for up to 175 guests, the building's maximum capacity. No additional guests are permitted.



What is the timeframe for events?


Access to the property varies by wedding package. Please see our pricing page for more information.



When will my rehearsal take place?


Rehearsal time slots are scheduled on the Thursday prior to your event. 



Is there a dressing area for the bridal party?


Separate accommodations are reserved within Gable Hill Cottage for the bride and her party to relax, dress, have private time and take photographs prior to the wedding ceremony. This area is set aside for the exclusive use of the bride, wedding party and immediate family members throughout the event and is air-conditioned for comfort.



Are heating and cooling available within the barn?


Neither heating nor cooling systems exist within Gable Hill barn. In the event of unseasonably cool or hot weather, approved fans or space heaters can be brought in at the renter's expense.

Can I have fireworks at my event?


Due to the wooded location of Gable Hill, fireworks are not permitted. Sparkler sendoffs are allowed outside provided they take place at least 10 feet from the perimeter of the barn.



Will there be Gable Hill staff at my event?


There will be a staff member available to address any questions. Please keep in mind that our staff member is not an event coordinator. 



Can I use my own caterer and other vendors?


Renters may arrange for their own vendors and licensed catering services. Caterers are provided with a dedicated area for staging within the barn. 



What are the guidelines for serving alcohol?


Gable Hill does not hold a liquor license. All alcohol must be served by our exclusive beverage service.



Are candles permitted within the barn?


Candles are allowed only in approved votive containers in which the top of the flame is at least 1" or more below the rim of the container.



Is smoking permitted on the premises?


Smoking is allowed in designated outside areas only. All smoking materials must be properly disposed of in the provided receptacles. Smoking is prohibited inside the Gable Hill Barn, including the restrooms, as well as Gable Hill Cottage.

Cannabis use is not permitted anywhere on the property.



What decorative items can I bring?


We want you to put your personal signature on your event if desired. Feel free to bring in decorative elements that do not require pinning, stapling, taping or nailing to any surface both inside and outside of the barn. All flower arrangements, centerpieces, displays or other decorative items brought in for the event must be removed from the premises at the end of the evening. 



What tossing materials are allowed?


Birdseed or flower petals are recommended as tossing materials; rice or confetti is prohibited, as are any other non-biodegradable materials.



What are the clean-up guidelines?


Renters and/or their caterers must undress tables and collect and bag all trash including bottles, cans and paper items and place them in provided trash containers at the conclusion of the event. Gable Hill staff will be responsible for removing trash bags from the premises and general janitorial services. For an additional fee, complete clean-up service by Gable Hill staff is available. 



Are pets allowed?


We understand pets can be valued members of the family, however no pets other than registered ESA are allowed on the property. 



What are the guidelines for photography?


Photography is allowed anywhere on the grounds except in the water; NO tree climbing for photos is permitted. Gable Hill reserves the right to use any photos of the property or barn for promotional purposes. 



Can I bring my own food?


Self-catering is not authorized. We require a licensed catering service for all events.



Can the Gable Hill Cottage be used for overnight accommodations?


No overnight stays at the Gable Hill Cottage are allowed.



Can vehicles be left at the venue overnight?


Gable Hill cares greatly for the safety and well being of our guests. Anyone who feels as though it is not safe to drive at the end of an event is permitted to leave their vehicle on the property overnight. Vehicles left in the parking lot overnight must be picked up by 10 am the following morning. 

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